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There are literally thousands of recipes and information about making meth on the internet. an investment of a few hundred dollars in over-the-counter(

  • Making meth with ephedrine hydrochloride net/12fdc38d5/]ephedrine red phosphorus and iodine recipes]speed ephedrine lava lamp(
  • The lava lamp recipe is no good: nevernose : apr-10-05 02:11 am #102 you i used to respond to meth labs; when they trained us, they took that brake cleaner(
  • These posts asking for how to cook meth are pathetic. just a heads up though. the recipes are not that hard to find. if you still have to ask for them, what does this tell you?(

Methamphetamine recipes 13. methamphetamine abuse 14. recipe to make methamphetamine lava lamp methamphetamine 131. make crystal methamphetamine 132. methamphetamine abuse(

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This recipe looks like bullshit, i wouldn't try it. cooking meth requires a heat source regardless of the method. i've heard of people even doing it using lava lamps but you(

  • Recipes ; wine and spirits ; free tools and resources he wanted a lava lamp for years, everyone loves lava lamps, and although methamphetamine, also called ‘meth’, has(
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  • Meth labs are highly volatile (subject to fire or with information about ghb or gbl or perhaps a recipe for and other items with a psychedelic effect, lava lamps or(
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